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Primary and secondary schools in England throw away the equivalent weight of
185 double decker buses of waste every school day. That’s 258,300 tonnes of waste in a year arising from schools in England1!

This vast amount of day-to-day waste can be significantly decreased by schools if they reduce, reuse and recycle. By reducing the waste they create, schools can save money and lessen their harmful impact on the environment.

Rubbish can be a valuable resource. Instead of being thrown into landfill sites, rubbish can be used to make useful everyday objects. In fact, processes to recycle objects can even be less harmful to the environment than making objects from new. A recycled aluminium can requires 5% of the energy to produce compared with one made from new, since it avoids the energy intensive stages of mining and extraction2. This is a good example of how recycling can help tackle climate change.

1 Top tips for sustainability in schools, Department for Education (2012) 2 Recycle More

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Written June 2013

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Waste produced by primary and secondary schools

Source: Report into the nature and scale of waste produced by schools in England, WRAP (2008)